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Most Likely

Archaeology research through design

In the science of archaeology, that studies humanities' past by unearthing, documenting, and analyzing material and environmental information, archaeologists often collaborate with anthropologists, linguists, and scientists from other fields.

Maybe the time has come to call for contributions from creators and designers.

The Most likely project brings designers and methods of design thinking into the realm of archaeological research- a new approach to investigating archaeological mysteries using tools of design.

Through these tools, while maintaining a continuous dialogue between designers and archaeologists, we examine different uses for mysterious objects that archaeologists struggle to explain.

Through interdisciplinary research, ideation, sketching, prototyping and experimentation we originate and test ideas across different areas of life, formulating conclusions and protocols for further scientific research. 


The project initiated in 2022 as a final project in the master's degree program in industrial design at the Bezalel art and design academy, under the guidance of Prof’ Chanan De Lange from Bezalel and Nurit Goshen Curator of the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Period at the Israel Museum, the research continues in collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and will be reflected as part of an exhibition at the Israel Museum Jerusalem in 2024.

Research model combining designers and design thinking in archaeology research
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